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International tax

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One of the main focuses of JH Law is on tax planning for individuals and business with international operations.

For foreign investors (inbound), JH Law routinely assists with the tax aspects of entering the U.S. market, acquisition and disposition of real estate (FIRPTA), international estate tax planning, reporting obligations in the U.S., applicability of tax treaties, among others.

For U.S. individuals and businesses (outbound), JH Law can provide tax advice on setting up a foreign operation (corporation, branch or partnership), its reporting obligations and planning with certain taxes such as the Global Intangible Low Taxed Income (GILTI) and respective deductions such as the Foreign Derived Intangible Income (FDII). JH Law can also assist with applicability of the U.S. foreign tax credit and the foreign earned income exclusion.

JH Law has a particular strong focus on the LATAM market, and its member has assisted individuals and businesses with international U.S. tax advice from the following jurisdictions: Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela, etc.

JH Law has a well-known cross-border tax practice between Mexico and the U.S. Our Firm assists with all tax aspects between Mexico-U.S., including the applicability of the U.S.-Mexico Tax Treaty, the applicability of the U.S. estate tax for Mexican individuals, the connection of the Mexican REFIPRE regime and the U.S. tax structure, analysis and U.S. tax planning of a maquila operation in Mexico, among others.

As part of our services, JH Law assists U.S. manufacturers and exporters to apply and qualify for export incentives, including the organization of IC-DISC.

Service › international tax

› Cross-border tax planning for U.S. Business.

  • Our services include planning for structuring foreign operations via foreign corporations, branches or partnerships. Our Firm provides advice on GILTI, FDII as well, creditability of Foreign Tax Credits (FTC), profit repatriation, tax treaties, among others. 

  • We advise on reporting and tax implications of activities of foreign investors through partnerships, including advice on forms K-2, K-3.

› Cross-border tax planning for foreign investors.

  • Our inbound services include planning for foreign businesses with subsidiaries or branches within the U.S. For individuals, we provide advice on the proper reporting and taxation of income derived in the U.S. We also advice on payments made to foreign contractors (1042/1042-S).

› Tax Treaty planning.

  • We provide advice on the applicability of the benefits of tax treaties to our clients. Our Firm works with foreign counsel to properly determine the best structure in accordance with the laws of the U.S. and the respective foreign country.

› TGILTI & FDII tax planning.

  • Our services include the review and determination of GILTI implications, and the applicability of respective exceptions, including the high-tax exception.
  • Our Firm can advice on the proper structure to qualify for the benefits of the Foreign Derived Intangible Income (FDII) deduction.

› Foreigners with U.S. real estate (FIRPTA)

  • Our Firm can provide advice on FIRPTA, requests for withholding certificates, and proper reporting in forms 8288, among others. Our Firm also can represent individuals and businesses during the closing process to prevent or request the respective FIRPTA documentation.

› LATAM Businesses entering the U.S.

  • Our Firm can provide advice in Spanish about tax implications of entering the U.S. market, including the determination of the proper business structure and tax treatment, among others.

› Mexico-U.S. Tax Planning.

  • Our Firm is experienced in the U.S. -Mexico tax landscape and is uniquely positioned to provide tax advice on the proper business or investment structure for Mexican individuals with U.S. investments.

› Export Tax incentives & structuring (IC-DISC)

  • Our Firm can assist U.S. exporters or manufacturers, to qualify for the tax benefits of the IC-DISC.

› Expatriation – Exit tax

  • Our Firm can assist individuals with the respective procedure to pay the respective “Exit Tax” upon renounciation of citizenship.